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Privacy Policy


(Legislative Degree n. 196 of 30 June 2003)

Legislative Degree n. 196 of 30 June 2003 governs the treatment of your personal data, guaranteeing that your rights will be respected, particularly with regard to fundamental liberties, personal dignity, privacy and personal identification.
In accordance with article 13 of the Code we inform you that the personal details supplied by you or otherwise collected during the activities we have carried out, can be stored and processed by us for purposes related to the conduct of our business. By the processing of personal data, we refer to collection, storage including in electronic form, organisation, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, diffusion, deletion, distribution, interconnection and whatever other treatment may be useful for the Service, including the combination of two or more of these operations.

The treatment of your personal details for the purposes here indicated will predominantly take place through automated and computerised systems, always in accordance with legal regulations on security and privacy, which will be protected with appropriate procedures.

Your data will be in the possession of La Brisa s.r.l., located in Via Brisa, n.15 - 20123 Milan, Italy (phone: 02 8645 0521 – fax 02 43435930 - sito web: www.ristorantelabrisa.it - e-mail: info@ristorantelabrisa.it), as embodied in their legally acknowledged representative; those responsible for the handling of the data will be employees or agents engaged by La Brisa s.r.l. and working under its direct supervision.

The supply of your personal data is entirely optional; however we inform you that should you decline, it will be impossible for us to carry out the activities specified and controlled by our contractual relationship with you.

Your data, or portions thereof, may for the purposes previously specified be shared with those who have the right to access this data under the provisions of the law or based on the orders of the authorities.

We also inform you what you may consult, modify, challenge or delete your data, and exercise all the rights reserved to you by article 7 of the Code, by sending an email to info@ristorantelabrisa.it or by sending a fax to n. +39.02 43435930.

If you wish to consult the complete text of the Code which governs the use of personal data, it can be found on the official government website at www.garanteprivacy.it.