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Ristorante La Brisa

Seasonal Menu



  • Sweet and sour smoked sardines, artichokes and polenta from Storo € 16
  • Poached egg with porcini mushrooms, buffalo camembert fondue and crispy bread € 17
  • Duck foie gras terrine, green apples chutney, pan brioche € 22
  • Pie stuffed with aubergines, mushrooms cream, basil sauce and goat cheese € 15
  • Carpaccio of micuit veal liver, marinated pomegranate, sunflower seeds and salad € 15
  • Spiny-lobster, red curry, turnip top sprouts, coconut milk sauce and sunflower seeds bread € 28
  • Spanish anchovies with wild turnip tops, candied citron, dried capers and yolk sauce € 16
  • Culatello from Zibello € 18
  • Selection of Iberian cured meats € 23

Pastas and soup

  • Whole-wheat flour tagliatelle with black truffle butter, crispy bacon, toasted bread and herbs € 17
  • Homemade orecchiette with cod, confit tomatoes and lemon balm € 17
  • Lasagna with buffalo ricotta cheese and borage, sauce of anchovies and dried tomatoes € 16
  • Pumpkin soup, chestnut, kale and iberian secreto ragout € 16
  • Spanish fideuà with small fish broth, fish ink and sweet garlic sauce € 17
  • Risotto with ginger, potatoes, Castelmagno cheese and southern poplar mushrooms € 16

Main dishes

  • Calf’s kidney, porcini mushrooms and cocoa beans € 26
  • Guinea-fowl, duck foie gras, small vegetables and thyme € 26
  • Crispy Iberian suckling pig, apple mustard, red cabbage € 27
  • Roasted deboned lamb shank, Jerusalem artichokes purée and stewed endive € 28
  • Angler fish, aubergines, candied tomatoes, lime and sea-urchins sauce € 29
  • Fish fillet (according with the market), Spumante sauce, artichokes, confit lemon sauce € 30
  • Bulgur and quinoa with season vegetables, pulses, black olives and rocket sauce € 21


  • Selection of cheeses from Piedmont and Lombardy € 16
  • Short pastry, mascarpone cream, fuits in Porto wine, plum sauce and sesame € 10
  • Coconut and cocoa pie with Greek yogurt mousse and pineapple € 10
  • Grape custard, cinnamon crumble, crème fraîche and red wine sauce € 10
  • “Almond” € 10
  • Mango soup, salad of mango and strawberries , yogurt ice-cream and musli € 11

Taster Menu - € 55

  • Smoked sardines, red wild chicory , goat cheese and salty biscuit
  • Homemade orecchiette with clams, zucchini, herbs and confit tomatoes
  • Octopus and squids, dates tomatoes sauce, chili pepper and baby lettuc
  • Selection of cheeses from Piedmont and Lombardy

The tasting menu is recommended for all guests of the table. Our dishes are made of ingredients not necessarily mentioned in the description.
Please notify us, at the time of the order, any kind of allergy or intolerance.

The Brisa's staff is at your disposal for the choice of wines by the glass

Bread and cover € 4

Some products may have been frozen or frozen on the spot (by fast temperature reduction) as described in the Self-Control Hygiene Manual under EC Regulation n. 852/04

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